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#1 Install Spotify On Android for unsupported countries.

The First thing to do is to get a VPN as it will create a virtual private network and spotify app will think you are from another country. Here we can use Opera VPN for android its free and really simple, you can download it from play store for free click here to download it

Now after You have downloaded it you just have to enable it and select a regoin where spotify is supported for example : United States
Then click here to download this apk file for downloading spotify. Once you have downloaded it then you can just tap it to install from the downloads folder and make sure you login otherwise it will not work.

After You login and you are able to play any music , You can disable the VPN and enjoy Your Spotify now, You can also watch this in video below thank You for visiting have a nice day.

Bhojak Smith

Make a Spark, Break the Dark